Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blog Drought Is Over!

Yes, Yes, Yes the long awaited blog drought is over!! It's been over a month since I last blogged and felt like today was just as good as any to start back up again. Now that the holidays are finally over, things have started to pick up at work. My main project is a company out of Boston that keeps me extremely busy with their constant updates and working with our development team on their custom development needs. I've actually quite enjoyed being part of a fairly large project and working with other departments to meet some deadlines. Enough about boring work, since the new year, I've been trying to become more physically active. The last couple of weeks I've been able to get in three sessions of basketball a week, which has been great for my cardio endurance. Although I feel extremely tired every time I play, I'm able to last the full hour to two hours of running full court and playing physical basketball. I've been trying to mix in the gym on the other days, but that's been proving difficult, work has just been too busy. But I know I can do better and will keep trying. Another new years resolution has been to be more active with my family, which has been an absolute success. With the joy of facebook, I'm able to chat with my two little sisters Cyndel and Hillary and keep updated on their lives. Cyndel and I even went shopping together at the mall last week and had a blast! I have my weekly lunch with my Dad on Wednesday's and often times meet up with him and my Mom on Saturday mornings for a lunch. Finally I have my weekly run in with my sister Heidi, her husband Lowell, and the twins Carter and Davis every Sunday night. Its not only a great chance to play with my nephews, its also a chance to chat with Heidi and Lowell, which is always very enjoyable. I've lately been meeting Heidi and the twins every Friday for lunch to hang out with them at McDondalds while the boys play in the play ground.

So the big family trip is only a week away and we are all so very excited!! Its become a yearly tradition to visit Disneyland as a family, and this year will be the first year our Dad will be able to join us. We've been planning this trip for about 4 months now, so its so exciting to see it almost here. We are doing things a little different this year, the time share club I'm a member of just built a brand new condo just blocks from Disneyland, and in order to book a reservation in advance, we had to book a whole week. So instead of doing a full week at Disneyland, we went with the Souther California City Pass, which includes a 3 Day Hopper Pass to Disneyland, but also a day at Universal Studios, Sea World, and San Diego Zoo. I've only been to Universal Studios once when I was like 10, and never to the other places, so this is something we are very anxious for. We'll have 9 of us going, including the twins, so organization and ample patience is a requirement. I'm hoping that we'll just let any issues slide and focus on having fun and being together as a family. We are planning on leaving next Saturday night/Sunday Morning at 12:30 am and driving through the night so we can sleep and more importantly the twins will be sleeping and not driving everyone insane. The latest weather reports has it snowing / raining the whole drive down there, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the storm blows through quickly and is over by the time we start driving. I'm planning on bringing my laptop, so the idea is to update the blog on a daily basis with the latest pictures and happenings from the trip.

Well I believe that is sufficent for the blog today. I hope to be a little more persistant with blogging in the future and everyone look forward to some fun pictures shortly!!


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