Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Arrival

So just as quickly as I decided to sell my car, I bought a new car. A friend of mine named Shad owns a car dealership (Integrity Motor's), he hooks me up big time when I buy a car through him, so he was my obvious first choice. We searched high and low, had a few disappointments, but found the perfect car through eBay of all places. There were some dicey moments trying to verify the title and condition of the car. Once we found out everything was ok, I jumped on a plane and flew out to Chicago. When I say jump, I literally had 3 hours to book a flight, pack some clothes, and run to the airport. Luckily the flights were super cheap, so I booked one for my little sister Cyndel so that I could have some company.

We had some amazing luck with traffic and security lines, we made it to our gate even before they started to board the plane. We had a short stop in Phoenix (didn't even have to leave the plane). I had the message that we were supposed to pick up the car right when we got into Chicago instead of waiting till the next morning. Since our arrival time into the windy city was midnight, I already had a gut feeling this was going to be a long night.

The flight got really bumpy and Cyndel was a little scared, but we landed safely and even 15 min's early. We raced out of the airport and caught a taxi to our location. Once we arrived at the dealership it was like love at first sight, I couldn't wait to jump inside and drive off. After about 30 min's, we were on the road...

Lucky for us, the car has a navigation system, so we had guided help the entire trip. During the evening drive, we encountered multiple heavy rain storms, I've never seen the clouds burst so often. The constant gripping of the steering wheel and attention to the road kept me fully awake for about 5 hours until I just couldn't go anymore. I handed the keys to Cyndel and tried to get some much needed rest. After about an hour and a half Cyndel (who had slept on the plane and while I drove) said she couldn't handle anymore, and I was back behind the drivers seat. I lasted I believe for another 2 hours when I was falling asleep. Cyndel suggested we pull over at a rest stop and both of us slept.

After a good hour sleep I felt refreshed and awake again. I drove all the way till Lincoln Nebraska (home of the University of Nebraska), where we ate at McDonalds and refreshed ourselves a bit. From then on out Cyndel drove the whole state of Nebraska, which allowed me to rest my body and not worry about the strains of driving. I even taught Cyndel the art of passing cars.

With two states down, we embarked into Wyoming where we meet a few snow storms and just outright boredom. Once the Utah boarder arrived we were estatic and just couldn't wait to be home! All in all the drive lasted about 21 hours and we were home by 9:30 pm. It was a trip I doubt I will ever do again volunteerly, but it was some quality time with my sister, and gave her an opportunity to see some sights outside of Utah.

I just got the car back from all its servicing, tinting, and detailing. I hope you guys all like the pictures:


Chelsey said...

ROB.. this car looks sooooo good!! mmm I love it


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