Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stuck In Boston!

I'm writing this post from a lonely hotel room in Boston. I've been here since Tuesday and was enjoying my stay until Friday afternoon. Back to back snow storms have been pounding the Northeast and has brought air traffic to a complete halt. I wish I had a camera to show you what it looks like outside, but suffice it to say, its miserable. I did search the internet and found some pictures:

That is just the storm from Friday. Currently the second storm is pounding the region, dumping even more snow on the ground. My mother called and told me that Boston Logan airport has been closed with delays reaching 225 minutes. My original plans had me leaving Friday afternoon, but due to the weather, my flight was re-booked for Monday morning.

Luckily I am not interacting with anyone during that time, because I only brought enough clothes to last me till Friday. Nothing is worse than wearing unlaundered clothing. Well I take it back, one this is worse, and that is watching that BYU game last night. That is the only bright spot of this delay, I was able to get out of my hotel reservations in Las Vegas, and didn't have to watch that blunder known as the BYU football team. I'm not even going to discuss the game or it will just get me all worked up.

Since our company was aquired in a buy out, we've had to switch from the ever enjoyable per diem food budget (where they give us a fixed amount for food and we get to keep what we don't spend), to a more conservative receipt tracking budget (we have to turn in all receipts for food and that is what we are reimbursed). As such, I feel like I have to spend the full recommended amount to justify things. You can imagine how much you can spend at a Wendy's when your budget is $25 for dinner. I don't mind this when its only a few days worth, but its almost been a whole week, and my stomach is feeling it! I'm definitely ready to go home and enjoy a "normal" meal for once. Also, its all about the gym next week!

So we are approaching Christmas and the joyful holiday season. This will be the first Christmas we've spent as a whole family in many years and we are very excited about it. The number of presents under the tree won't be as large as before (tickets to disneyland just aren't very big), but its the time together that will be the best present of all. I'm also greatful for this season to reflect on the birth of Christ. I've been reading the Book of Mormon and am currently in the section when Christ visits the Nephites. Such wonderful counsel and teaching in those few chapters. Its so enjoyable to read those words and feel the Spirit. I've particularly enjoy the Lords prayer in behalf of the Nephites and how real his words were to his Father.

Well that's it from me here in snowy Boston. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Christmas!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cool Base Jump Video

Well its been a very long time since I've added anything to my blog. There is so much to update, that I'll save that for another follow up blog. I just came across this crazy video that I thought I'd post.. If you are a little scared of heights, this video might freak you out a little..

wingsuit base jumping from doubleA on Vimeo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello From The Birmingham Airport

Well I'm just sitting here waiting for my plane to board so I thought I'd take this opportunity to add a little to my blog. I know its been almost a week since my last post, so I'm trying to repent a little and get back on track. Airport are such a crazy place. They try so hard to keep everyone so organized, but it always just falls apart. This is not my first visit here in Birmingham, but it is my first visit flying with American Airlines. Unbeknown to me was American uses a different terminal that the previous airlines I've flown with. Unlike SLC airport, the two terminals do not connect with each other outside the security check-in. So after standing in one line, going through the whole ordeal, they sending me back out, and point to the correct terminal, just to do it all over again. I am sure glad I came with plenty of extra time to spare, or I'd be in a world of hurt.

Have you ever just sat there and watched people at an airport? I think you can see just about every type of person imaginable. Since most of my flights are never direct, I spend LOTS of time in connection cities. I'm such a lazy person, that sometimes just sitting there watching people is all the entertainment I need. From old to young, I've seen them all, and just laugh at what people do when they think no one is watching them. Such a joy!

The trip was a total success (at least so far), I left their office in good spirts, and made the most of my visit. In January I had a similar visit, but it was disasterous, nothing worked!! This time it was the complete opposite, it seemed everything worked as it was supposed. I was also able to dedicate some time in solving some other issues they were having. It was especially touching that many of their managers came to wish me off, even though I hadn't even helped them this trip. Just one of the perks of the job, seeing people happy...

Well I couldn't have a post without mentioning the BYU vs Utah game. It has been tough being away all week and missing out on all the smack talk. Luckily I did have the internet and could review whatever newspaper/blog update I could get my hands on. Tomorrow we can finally see who the winner with be. I have a good feeling that the Cougs will end up on top, but thats why they play the game right?

Well looks like my flight is just about to board, so I better make an ending to my post. Hope all is well with everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Rivalry Week Is Here!!

So this is by far one of the funnest weeks in local college sports. The talk radio shows are going non stop. The local newspapers are writing non stop. The fans on both sides are talking non stop. Its BYU vs Utah and its being pinned as the greatest games in the rivalry to date. Never has both teams been ranked in the top 15 and have a combined record of 21-1. The stars are almost aligned for BYU to sneak a game from the Utes and find themselves in a BCS bowl game. I honestly don't care which bowl game BYU goes to, just so long as they beat those dumb Utes. The game personally is a toss up, its too tough to determine a winner. Vegas has put a 6 pt spread on the game in favor of Utah, but I am not buying in that. I think BYU can play against their defense, just can BYU play again their offense? I think we'll find out on Saturday.

I am bummed that I will be in Alabama starting tomorrow until Friday late evening. I will get to miss one of the funnest weeks of the year. I just love listening to both sides get heated up and watching the local media just add fuel to the fire. Nationally this rivalry gets lost behind Ohio St vs Michigan, Alabama vs Auburn, USC vs UCLA, but personally I think its the greatest rivalry of them all. I will only wear blue this whole week, anything with the color red has no place this week. I came across a hilarious Ute video a few months ago that I thought I would post. This just illustrates in a classic nature the Utah fan:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disneyland Top Rides

As most people can attest, I am a nut about Disneyland. Sure most people might find it weird for a almost middle aged man to have a near obsession with a park designed for kids, but I absolutely love it. I'm so excited that we've made this a yearly family trip, just something to look forward to every year. Thanks to the people at YouTube, I've been able to come across actual videos of people on the rides. I thought I'd list my favorites and try and include a video of each ride. So here we go!

1. Splash Mountain - This is by far the family favorite as well as mine. My sister Cyndel and I like to be in the front of the boat and try our best not to get wet. She has an added advantage of ducking inside the boat where I usually get the full grunt of it. Here is a cool video:

2. California Screamin' - I like this ride because its for adults. Any ride that shoots you off like a gun and involves a loop is my kind of fun. This ride is not for the kiddies or the old folks (even though I think my Mom is just being a wuss). The line can sometimes be pretty long, but I find if you get a FastPass then its not super horrible. Only problem is this ride is all the way at the back of the theme park, so kind of a long walk for a FastPass but oh so worth it!!

3. Space Mountain - The ride has been made over since I originally went on it. I totally dig the make over and encourage all to take this one for a spin. They've added a "launch" to the beginning of the ride and speakers behind your ears. If at all possible try and sit in the front of the ride as it is by far the best experience. Since the entire ride is in the dark, taking a video would be next to impossible, but I'm going to post a video of the ride with the lights on:

4. Soarin' Over California - Words just can't describe how cool this ride really is. The ride simulates a fly over different locations in California as if you were on a hang glider. They even pump in different scents to match the location (orange tress, ocean water, etc.) I'm really excited to take my Dad on this ride since he's never been on it and its totally something he'd be into. Here is a complete video:

5. Tower Of Terror - I'm not a huge fan of big drops, but the way they ham this one up, it is a must ride. The whole story line, to how they decorated the hotel is classic. They even have the elevator attendees in character. I remember the first time we did this ride that we had to go back and get my Mom to ride it with us. Just a total blast..

6. Indiana Jones Adventure - This was the latest ride when I was a senior in high school. For some reason I remember it having 3 different options, and each just took a different track to the same destination. Still a fun ride for all of those who remember the Indiana Jones movies. Disney just has a way of making rides so cool. I particularly love being the driver, makes me feel more like a man!

7. Pirates Of The Caribbean - This is another one of those rides they made over, but unlike Space Mountain, they did not make it better. They've kept the basic set, but added in some aspects from the movies including Jack Sparrow. I'm not sure why I don't like things better, maybe its because I'm older, but it just seems not as cool. I still enjoy the ride and can't wait to go on the ride once again with my little nephews, they totally loved it!! Here is a video of the ride with extra's from Johnny Depp.

8. Haunted Mansion - The last couple of trips to Disneyland have been during the Christmas season, and they transform the Haunted Mansion into Holiday Haunted Mansion, which is all about The Nightmare Before Christmas. I actually like the transformation and enjoy the music they play during the ride. But I am ready for a change. Sadly this next trip this ride is schedule to be closed, most likely to change things back again.

9. Buzz Lighyear Astro Blaster - This ride is for both young and old. I always sit with my sister Hillary and we battle it out to see who can get the best score. The ride is similar to lazer tag as there are targets all throughout the ride and you obviously receive points for each target that you can hit. The cart you sit in is on a swivel, so you can spin 360's while shooting targets.
Here is a cool video:

10. Thunder Mountain Railroad - This is my sister Heidi's favorite ride so I am included it in my blog for her. Its a little old school for me, but I believe its one of the original rides when the park opened, so there are some cool things about it. Here is a video:

11. Matterhorn Bobsled - This is another one of my sister's favorites and again one of the original rides. I remember this ride from when I was a little kid and how scared I was of the Abominable Snowman. Now I think its a little crazy ride and I see why its always broke. But here is a video:

12. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - This is the newest ride at Disneyland, replacing the old submarine ride with a Nemo feel to it. Last year we waited in line 45 min's to get on this ride, but my nephews absolutely loved it.

13. Jungle Cruise - This is the final one I swear. No Disneyland trip is complete without the Jungle Cruise. This is actually another one of the original rides and its been going strong all these years. I actually enjoy the corney jokes the boat drivers tell and enjoy the feel of being in the jungle. Here is a video:

I hope you've enjoyed this video's as much as I have. I watch and remember all the fun times I've had with my family and look forward to many more visits to come. This year will be especially special since we'll have my Dad to join with us.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boys Like Girls

So I saw this music video today while at the gym and I totally digged it!! This group sounds very similar to Dashboard Confessional. As soon as I got back to work I downloaded their entire album. The group is called Boys Like Girls and this song is called Thunder. As always enjoy:

Monday's TV Show Line Up

No this is not a listing from yesterday's TV Guide, but I wanted to outline my top Monday Evening TV Shows as some readers may find my suggestions interesting?

1. Chuck (NBC 7:00) - Chuck is a Drama/Comedy show that keeps you interested in the show from start to finish. Of course the influx of hot ladies in the show doesn't distract my attention at all! I've included a clip from yesterday's show below:

2. The Big Bang Theory (CBS 7:00) - Now this show is for the geek in all of us. The premise of the show is 4 geeky friends who all work together, one being a "genius" and an overly anal individual. They have a neighbor girl who is incredibly hot and doesn't understand their geeky ways. Her interaction with them can become quite humorous. Well here is a clip from last nights episode:

3. How I Met Your Mother (CBS 7:30) - This show has its hit or miss episodes, but the shows revolves around 5 friends, 2 of which are married to each other. My favorite character is Barney Stincile (Niel Patrick Harris), the womanizer of the group, he'll do anything to get a girl in the sack. Sounds like a great show right? Don't worry it relatively clean and harmless fun. Just some of his antics are down right funny. Him being a ladies man is some what ironic now that he's openly admitted to being gay. Anyway, here is a clip from last nights show:

4. Heroes (NBC 8:00) - This used to be my clear cut #1 show, but it has trailed off this season. Basically the show is about a group of people who have super human abilities. Just like in any comic book, some use the powers for good and some use it for evil. Lame summary I know, but here is a clip from last night show:

5. Prison Break (FOX 8:00) - The name of the show you would think explains it all. The problem is they escaped from prison in the first season and here we are now on season 4. I have heard this is the final season, I'm just not sure how creative they can get. But basically the show is about some prisoners who escaped from prison and our on the run from "The Company", which is a corrupt group with government ties. The show originally took place in Chicago, but through the seasons has been in Panama and is now in LA. I didn't get a chance to watch this weeks episode, so I will include a clip from last weeks episode:

6. Two And A Half Men (CBS 8:00) - This show is my favorite, but because my Tivo can only record two shows at a time, this one gets left behind. This show isn't for everyone, the crude humor can be distasteful for some, but I personally find it hilarious, and enjoy watching it. Here is a clip from the show:

Well I hope you've enjoyed my Monday Evening TV Lineup. It is one of my most favorite evenings for TV shows and I look forward to it every week...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Target Lady Video

I love these Target Lady Video's on SNL, her voice just crakes me up. This is the only one I could find online, but its still pretty funny:

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

So Halloween is finally here and most importantly is GONE!! I kept things simple, no parties, just tagged along with my two nephews while they went Trick or Treating. It rained the whole time, but they were so fun. They had to talk with everyone who opened the door and they weaseled their way into more candy every time. I see a future in sales for these boys! To continue my Scrooge'ness, I returned home and watched the latest Indiana Jones movie by myself and enjoy some alone time.

Saturday involved sending back my Xbox 360 (was like saying goodbye to a family member), then settling in for a night full of good college football!!
The BYU game was once again a close one, but the visiting Cougars pulled of a very exciting 45-42 victory against Colorado State. Max Hall threw a TD pass to TE Dennis Pitta with 22 seconds left in the game to pull off the victory. This game was a battle from the very beginning. The lead switched between both teams the entire game and came down to which team would have the ball last. We also caught the end of the UT vs TX Tech game as well as the Utah vs NM games, both games were equally exiting with both going down to the last seconds.

Also started my Book of Mormon challenge/invitation last night. The bishop outlined his reading schedule starting with Ether then moving back to 1st Nephi. I enjoyed reading reading the story of the brother of Jared speaking with the Lord and manifesting his faith. Very enjoyable chapters..

Well that is my weekend in a nutshell, I've also included a little video my sister put together from Halloween night. Enjoy....

Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny Office Halloween Video

Ok, I lied, I came across this funny Office Halloween Video that I thought I would share, please enjoy:

Yay For New Phones, Workouts, & Food Plans!!!

Yes I know today is Halloween, and no I'm not going to dedicate a blog to it. I guess you could call me the Scrooge of Halloween, I just feel its a complete waste. I hate the costumes and I hate all the lame parties. It also seems its an excuse for every girl out there to dress like a total hooker. I don't know what it is about this day but all the evil ambitions a girl has comes out.

So any way, the title of this blog says it all. Its been a busy week with having to reload Windows on my computer to having my Xbox die last night. Work finally got me my new phone, its a Blackberry 8830 World Edition, which required a switch from T-Mobile to Verizon. Porting a phone number between carriers is a headache, plus throw in a parent company doing all the paper, ehhh, what a mess. But finally after a few days, my phone started working again. The one joy about Verizon is the whole family is on the "network" so calls and texts between us are all free!!

I've decide to kick myself in gear. Since there is so much free time at work now, I'm going to start hitting the gym during my lunch break. I'm finding it ever more difficult to find time/desire for the gym after work either because of so many activities or just being too tired. So might as well take advantage of an hour while my body is still fresh and awake. Plus a few others here at work go, so might as well huh?

My friend Matt has been wanting to get me on a food plan for months now and I now decided to take him up on it. His one caviate was that I must commit to the plan for 6 months. I started thinking and I believe I stuck to my pre-cruise food plan for 4-5 months, so I know I can pull this off. We haven't worked out all the details yet, so I'm taking this weekend to endulge myself on all the finer dining options while they are still available. You forget how good pizza taste after 6 months!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Fun!!

Sorry for the delaying in returning to the Blog. I had hoped to place some initial thoughts after the BYU game on Saturday, but my computer decided to stop working (serves me right), so I wasn't able to give the blog an update. Sure you may say that my laptop runs fine, but I think laziness played a part here.

So the BYU game was a success in that we won the game, but cougar fans are shaking in their boots after a lackluster performance from the BYU defense. The final score of the game was 42-35.. Both teams gave it their all, but luckily for the home town cougars, they prevailed. I was happy both my sister and brother in law could attend the game with me. They haven't been to a game in years, so it was a chance for them to see how things have changed since then. Here are a couple pictures:

What you can't see from the pictures is the wicked tan line I got on the left hand side of my face. I literally look like the Batman character Two Face. What really extenuates things are the sun glass lines, just horrible!! The price you pay for a ticket in the east stands!

To top things off, I had a ward talent show Saturday evening were I was performing a "talent", so standing in front of a large crowd with a beat red face and raccoon eyes was pleasant. Actually, things turned out quite well and some said I was the star of the show. With all the talented people in our ward who each I felt had far superior talent than I do, I was a little taken back mine was the raving success. What played in my favor was the uniqueness of my talent. While the majority of talents given were musical in nature, mine involved catching candy with my mouth from large distances. I had Scott tossing the food items (grapes, M&M's, chocolate chips, and Dots), and after each item he would gradually take a step backwards. It all culminated with a 50 foot toss across the group which I surprisingly caught. I think I was equally as shocked as the crowd was!! All in all, I was totally glad that I got up there and showed off my talent. They even mentioned it in Sacrament meeting on Sunday!

Speaking of Sacrament meeting, yesterday the Bishop got up and challenged/invited the whole ward to read the Book Of Mormon from start to finish by December 24th. I've been wanting to get myself back into reading again and I felt this was the perfected opportunity to jump back in with both feet. He outlined a reading schedule which basically encompasses 5 chapters a night. His estimation was roughly an hour a night of reading, which might be a little presumptuous, but I'm more than willing to give it a shot!

Well I believe that's all I have to blog about for today, I'm off to go buy a legit version of Windows so I can get my computer back up and running!

Until next time...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rock Band Fun

Last night played Rock Band for a few hours and I thought I'd blog about it. If you have not played this game yet, what is taking you so long????

For those who have either lived under a rock for the last year or aren't from this planet, Rock Band incorporates two guitars, a drum set, and a microphone to create a "Band". As a group you play any number of popular (or not so popular) songs in an effort to earn points or unlock additional songs. Each player has to play their instrument to match corresponding color blocks on the screen that match the beat of the music. Your difficulty level determines how frequently the blocks come down the screen or, as an added twist, different color combinations are used. Here is a picture of what I'm talking about:

Its a great opportunity to have friends over and collectively live childhood dreams of being rock stars. I can sometimes get a little carried away with the drums I'll admit, but its all in good fun.

In between rock out sessions, I was able to catch this weeks episode of The Office. I would call this episode a foul tip, as there was some funny parts, but over all I don't feel it was a great episode. I really don't get why they are throwing in a subtle drama between Pam and Jim, making it appear like they'll break up because Pam is living in New York. I also didn't like them bringing Roy back into this episode. Sure he was all nice and stuff, but come on, lets leave him out of the show. Speaking of leaving out of the show, Ryan should find a spot on the bench. Just because he's a writer for the show doesn't me he should be allowed to write himself back into the show. I do find Michael's man crush on him some what amusing, but its getting a little over played. I will admit, however, I found it funny when Ryan ducked for cover with the CFO walked in the door.

Did anyone catch the SNL Thursday Update after The Office? I love seeing Will Farrell, so seeing him play George Bush caught my attention. Tina Fey looks just like Sarah Palin, so cool!! The Ryan Sandberg clip was also quite amusing. If you didn't get a chance to watch, here is a link to Hulu... LINK

I believe that will conclude my blogging adventures for the week. I hope to post tomorrow after the BYU game!

Funny Video

So I'm really enjoying the video capabilities of Blogger, seriously, they must really use a lot of bandwidth with video and picture hosting. I came across this gem of a video today and wanted to post for my faithful followers (You know who you are!). Please enjoy...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BYU Intro Video

I apologize to those who might not like all my BYU posts, but its a big part of my life. I wanted to post a video I came across in the summer that I loved so much. It honestly still gives me the chills. Its the video they play at the stadium right before the team runs out on to the field. Enjoy!

BYU Fast Is Over!!

I wanted to public announce the completion of my BYU Fast. I have Dan Hoen to thank for the early exit from the fast. He knew my weakness and exploited it.

So today has been spent adding additional content to my blog and creating RSS feed's to all the BYU Blogs in my Google Reader. If anyone uses iGoogle, I highly recommend the Google Reader for your blogging pleasures. No more need to open unwanted websites, the reader pulls the feed into one simple screen. It also updates as soon as a blog has been updated with a new post.

Last night me and the "boys" (Jeff and Scott) went to a cool Mexican Restaurant called Gallo Giro. Its starting to become a fan favorite in the house. I like to consider it a nicer Betos, as the food is similar, but the restaurant is much cleaner, and you don't feel scared for your life there. We were also joined by some ladies, so that always makes the atmosphere that much more enjoyable.

We also went and watched an intermural girls soccer game in the IPF (Indoor Practice Facility) at BYU. This is mainly where the BYU Football team goes to practice, so it was fun to see and feel the BYU traditions. I wanted so badly to throw a football and just goof around. We did get to kick a soccer ball around, so it was fun to fire some shots at goal.

Tonight is another fun night of The Office. I was disappointed two weeks ago with the episode, but last weeks was hilarious. It seems the show has been hit or miss since the 2nd season. I'm optimistic however that this season will be good.

That's it for now...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Blog Entry

Not sure who or if anyone will ever read this blog but I thought I'd join the ever trendy revolution and join the blogging world.

I'm not a very opinionated individual and don't often float a particular direction, so with that said, am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about the Presidential election? I feel entirely unmotivated with this group of candidates? Honestly, McCain totally blew it selecting Palin as a running mate. The US economy could have greatly benefited from Romney as Vice President. Speaking of Palin, funny website we came across,

Wow I can't believe I am even talking politics. Time to change the subject. So today is a woot off, for those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, go to, this is a web site for random stuff to be listed for a good price. Usually the "woot" is a new item each day, except once a month, they'll have a "woot-off" where each item lasts until its sold out. Most of the things they are sell are corny or way over priced for your needs, but every now and again, you'll come across a gem. Like I picked up a HD Tivo for dirt cheap, got my parents a LCD TV, and most recently found a killer deal on a wireless keyboard/mouse. Its definitely something to kill time with at work. New to the woot off today is an application call "wootalyzer", which is (I believe) a third party widget that connects to woot and lets you know the status of each item being sold. Its particular good for woot off's because it has an alarm to let you know once an item has is Sold Out.

So I am still on my week long BYU Football Fast.. Last weeks lost to TCU was heartbreaking as well as frustrating. This years team just doesn't seem to have the same passion and moxy as last years team. I was completely caught up with the BCS hype and it pains me to see that dream crumble away. I figure with a week away from all the media and a chance to keep the "Blue Goggles" off that I'll slowly regain the passion again. I am looking forward to Saturday's game against UNLV, I'll be attending the game with my sister and brother in law. Should be good times.

Ok I think I've given this blog a good try for today. I'll try and keep up and wonder if anyone will ever read it?



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