Monday, November 17, 2008

Rivalry Week Is Here!!

So this is by far one of the funnest weeks in local college sports. The talk radio shows are going non stop. The local newspapers are writing non stop. The fans on both sides are talking non stop. Its BYU vs Utah and its being pinned as the greatest games in the rivalry to date. Never has both teams been ranked in the top 15 and have a combined record of 21-1. The stars are almost aligned for BYU to sneak a game from the Utes and find themselves in a BCS bowl game. I honestly don't care which bowl game BYU goes to, just so long as they beat those dumb Utes. The game personally is a toss up, its too tough to determine a winner. Vegas has put a 6 pt spread on the game in favor of Utah, but I am not buying in that. I think BYU can play against their defense, just can BYU play again their offense? I think we'll find out on Saturday.

I am bummed that I will be in Alabama starting tomorrow until Friday late evening. I will get to miss one of the funnest weeks of the year. I just love listening to both sides get heated up and watching the local media just add fuel to the fire. Nationally this rivalry gets lost behind Ohio St vs Michigan, Alabama vs Auburn, USC vs UCLA, but personally I think its the greatest rivalry of them all. I will only wear blue this whole week, anything with the color red has no place this week. I came across a hilarious Ute video a few months ago that I thought I would post. This just illustrates in a classic nature the Utah fan:



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