Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disneyland Top Rides

As most people can attest, I am a nut about Disneyland. Sure most people might find it weird for a almost middle aged man to have a near obsession with a park designed for kids, but I absolutely love it. I'm so excited that we've made this a yearly family trip, just something to look forward to every year. Thanks to the people at YouTube, I've been able to come across actual videos of people on the rides. I thought I'd list my favorites and try and include a video of each ride. So here we go!

1. Splash Mountain - This is by far the family favorite as well as mine. My sister Cyndel and I like to be in the front of the boat and try our best not to get wet. She has an added advantage of ducking inside the boat where I usually get the full grunt of it. Here is a cool video:

2. California Screamin' - I like this ride because its for adults. Any ride that shoots you off like a gun and involves a loop is my kind of fun. This ride is not for the kiddies or the old folks (even though I think my Mom is just being a wuss). The line can sometimes be pretty long, but I find if you get a FastPass then its not super horrible. Only problem is this ride is all the way at the back of the theme park, so kind of a long walk for a FastPass but oh so worth it!!

3. Space Mountain - The ride has been made over since I originally went on it. I totally dig the make over and encourage all to take this one for a spin. They've added a "launch" to the beginning of the ride and speakers behind your ears. If at all possible try and sit in the front of the ride as it is by far the best experience. Since the entire ride is in the dark, taking a video would be next to impossible, but I'm going to post a video of the ride with the lights on:

4. Soarin' Over California - Words just can't describe how cool this ride really is. The ride simulates a fly over different locations in California as if you were on a hang glider. They even pump in different scents to match the location (orange tress, ocean water, etc.) I'm really excited to take my Dad on this ride since he's never been on it and its totally something he'd be into. Here is a complete video:

5. Tower Of Terror - I'm not a huge fan of big drops, but the way they ham this one up, it is a must ride. The whole story line, to how they decorated the hotel is classic. They even have the elevator attendees in character. I remember the first time we did this ride that we had to go back and get my Mom to ride it with us. Just a total blast..

6. Indiana Jones Adventure - This was the latest ride when I was a senior in high school. For some reason I remember it having 3 different options, and each just took a different track to the same destination. Still a fun ride for all of those who remember the Indiana Jones movies. Disney just has a way of making rides so cool. I particularly love being the driver, makes me feel more like a man!

7. Pirates Of The Caribbean - This is another one of those rides they made over, but unlike Space Mountain, they did not make it better. They've kept the basic set, but added in some aspects from the movies including Jack Sparrow. I'm not sure why I don't like things better, maybe its because I'm older, but it just seems not as cool. I still enjoy the ride and can't wait to go on the ride once again with my little nephews, they totally loved it!! Here is a video of the ride with extra's from Johnny Depp.

8. Haunted Mansion - The last couple of trips to Disneyland have been during the Christmas season, and they transform the Haunted Mansion into Holiday Haunted Mansion, which is all about The Nightmare Before Christmas. I actually like the transformation and enjoy the music they play during the ride. But I am ready for a change. Sadly this next trip this ride is schedule to be closed, most likely to change things back again.

9. Buzz Lighyear Astro Blaster - This ride is for both young and old. I always sit with my sister Hillary and we battle it out to see who can get the best score. The ride is similar to lazer tag as there are targets all throughout the ride and you obviously receive points for each target that you can hit. The cart you sit in is on a swivel, so you can spin 360's while shooting targets.
Here is a cool video:

10. Thunder Mountain Railroad - This is my sister Heidi's favorite ride so I am included it in my blog for her. Its a little old school for me, but I believe its one of the original rides when the park opened, so there are some cool things about it. Here is a video:

11. Matterhorn Bobsled - This is another one of my sister's favorites and again one of the original rides. I remember this ride from when I was a little kid and how scared I was of the Abominable Snowman. Now I think its a little crazy ride and I see why its always broke. But here is a video:

12. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - This is the newest ride at Disneyland, replacing the old submarine ride with a Nemo feel to it. Last year we waited in line 45 min's to get on this ride, but my nephews absolutely loved it.

13. Jungle Cruise - This is the final one I swear. No Disneyland trip is complete without the Jungle Cruise. This is actually another one of the original rides and its been going strong all these years. I actually enjoy the corney jokes the boat drivers tell and enjoy the feel of being in the jungle. Here is a video:

I hope you've enjoyed this video's as much as I have. I watch and remember all the fun times I've had with my family and look forward to many more visits to come. This year will be especially special since we'll have my Dad to join with us.


Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

The videos don't do it justice, but yes it is still exciting. Sad about It's a Small World and Haunted Mansion though. This year is going to rock with Sea World and Universal Studios too. You'd love it, the boys were asking all day today to go ride the Pirates, wheeee! They're ready!

dodenbier said...

those videos just made me miss it so much.

especially splash mountain.

i better still get the front next time.

and ALSO
we need to get heidi to ride it.


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