Thursday, October 23, 2008

BYU Fast Is Over!!

I wanted to public announce the completion of my BYU Fast. I have Dan Hoen to thank for the early exit from the fast. He knew my weakness and exploited it.

So today has been spent adding additional content to my blog and creating RSS feed's to all the BYU Blogs in my Google Reader. If anyone uses iGoogle, I highly recommend the Google Reader for your blogging pleasures. No more need to open unwanted websites, the reader pulls the feed into one simple screen. It also updates as soon as a blog has been updated with a new post.

Last night me and the "boys" (Jeff and Scott) went to a cool Mexican Restaurant called Gallo Giro. Its starting to become a fan favorite in the house. I like to consider it a nicer Betos, as the food is similar, but the restaurant is much cleaner, and you don't feel scared for your life there. We were also joined by some ladies, so that always makes the atmosphere that much more enjoyable.

We also went and watched an intermural girls soccer game in the IPF (Indoor Practice Facility) at BYU. This is mainly where the BYU Football team goes to practice, so it was fun to see and feel the BYU traditions. I wanted so badly to throw a football and just goof around. We did get to kick a soccer ball around, so it was fun to fire some shots at goal.

Tonight is another fun night of The Office. I was disappointed two weeks ago with the episode, but last weeks was hilarious. It seems the show has been hit or miss since the 2nd season. I'm optimistic however that this season will be good.

That's it for now...


Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

LOL at the Beto's comment! That's why I love the drive thru :).


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