Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Blog Entry

Not sure who or if anyone will ever read this blog but I thought I'd join the ever trendy revolution and join the blogging world.

I'm not a very opinionated individual and don't often float a particular direction, so with that said, am I the only one who doesn't give a crap about the Presidential election? I feel entirely unmotivated with this group of candidates? Honestly, McCain totally blew it selecting Palin as a running mate. The US economy could have greatly benefited from Romney as Vice President. Speaking of Palin, funny website we came across,

Wow I can't believe I am even talking politics. Time to change the subject. So today is a woot off, for those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about, go to, this is a web site for random stuff to be listed for a good price. Usually the "woot" is a new item each day, except once a month, they'll have a "woot-off" where each item lasts until its sold out. Most of the things they are sell are corny or way over priced for your needs, but every now and again, you'll come across a gem. Like I picked up a HD Tivo for dirt cheap, got my parents a LCD TV, and most recently found a killer deal on a wireless keyboard/mouse. Its definitely something to kill time with at work. New to the woot off today is an application call "wootalyzer", which is (I believe) a third party widget that connects to woot and lets you know the status of each item being sold. Its particular good for woot off's because it has an alarm to let you know once an item has is Sold Out.

So I am still on my week long BYU Football Fast.. Last weeks lost to TCU was heartbreaking as well as frustrating. This years team just doesn't seem to have the same passion and moxy as last years team. I was completely caught up with the BCS hype and it pains me to see that dream crumble away. I figure with a week away from all the media and a chance to keep the "Blue Goggles" off that I'll slowly regain the passion again. I am looking forward to Saturday's game against UNLV, I'll be attending the game with my sister and brother in law. Should be good times.

Ok I think I've given this blog a good try for today. I'll try and keep up and wonder if anyone will ever read it?



Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Welcome to the blogging world, I see from facebook that people are reading it. Surprising sometimes, but it is cool to be liked. That said, if you care about them or not politics are a really big deal right now and even if you don't like McCain's VP pick, or McCain, I guarantee he is much better than Obama so you still better go vote or I am going to kick your bum! :)


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