Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Intramural Footall Comes To An End

All good things have to come to an end and this sadly was one of them. We were the 41st ward, comprised mostly of our Elder's quorum, with a light sprinkling of outsiders. The season lasted 4 weeks with guaranteed access to the post season, where everyone was entered into a single elimination tournament. In the last game of the season, I pulled / strained my right hamstring, causing me to limp every so gingerly off the field. Only to come back again in the last few minutes to help my teammates seal the victory. All week I've been struggling to even muster a walk without pain.

The first game of the tournament came way too quickly, my hamstring would only allow me to walk / hobble a few yards down the field, where my hands could still catch a ball, but legs would not let me gain any additional yardage. The final outcome of the game was 19-12, a mere touchdown separated us from continuation in the tournament. The turning point in the game was early in the second half, where our quarterback ran to the right and threw a pass right to me, both of us seeing nothing but clear skies. But out of no where, a defender jumps right in front of me, intercepts the ball, and high steps it into the end zone. With our momentum and spirits gone, we fell apart, only to record a late touchdown to keep the score close.

I must admit I'm still feeling the sorrow of defeat, but cherish the bond with my fellow ward members and brothers on the team. I made some friendships I never would have otherwise and am grateful for the chance to play a sport I love. My hope is to sneak on a team in the Fall, even though, I will no longer be in a BYU ward by then. I wish I had some pictures to post, I looked quite tough in my outfits, but I'll let the readers imagination take the reigns...


countrypeapie said...

Oh, I must have missed this post -- this is what you were talking about during the conference. I hope your hamstring has made a full recovery. I do wish you had a picture!


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